Mini Garlic Swag

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Our Mini Garlic Swag is both fresh and natural, showcasing roughly six garlic bulbs beautifully tied with a raffia bow. These bulbs, harvested from California's late-season soft-neck garlic, are available starting from the end of July until supplies last. Each swag, meticulously handcrafted, not only offers aesthetic appeal but is also a convenient display and a fresh source for your favorite dishes. With the garlic still on its stem, it stays fresh for 6-9 months from harvest when stored in a cool, dry place. Please note, bulb sizes might vary between harvests. For decorative purposes, the swag can last several years.

Key Points:

  • Available from end of July until stock runs out.
  • Measures around 8" in length.
  • Contains 7-9 fresh garlic bulbs.
  • The garlic is fresh and natural, but not certified organic.
  • Garlic is shipped fresh for optimum quality.

Care and Use:

  • For longevity, hang in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • When using in recipes, twist off bulbs from top to bottom. Bulbs at the bottom, with longer stems, stay fresh the longest (6-9 months).