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Hot Garlic Sites


We suppose in the argot of the day, a site dedicated to garlic is supposed to be called "cool." Sorry, that is just one adjective we can't make fit with garlic's many virtues. It is a hot, Hot, HOT item.

As we come across interesting sites related to garlic, we will add them to our list. If they catch your fancy, give them a click. If you would like to suggest one of your favorite garlic sites, send the URL and a brief description to The Chief Clove and we'll give it a proper audition.

Foods in Season

Stealth Growing Cabinets & Aeroponic Hydroponic Systems

Tomato Bob offers over 400 varieties of hard to find  Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable seeds many of which were offered in the Garden catalogs of the late 1800's. Tomatoes with flavor...not the Rubbery Supermarket Type!

Organic HQ is a site with all kinds of information about organic products.

Herbal Stores is a site that provides natural supplements.

Food411’s primary purpose is to provide a central repository of links to a wide variety of food-related companies and Web-sites, all from a single Web site.  Unlike most other sites, all links are hand-selected, and are presented to the public in a simple fashion from a cleanly and tastefully-designed site.

All Culinary Schools is a comprehensive database of U.S. Culinary schools and a free resource for any user..

http://www.chesteraaron.com/ A link to the web site of our favorite author and garlic guru.
www.historycooks.com features culinary historian Mary Gunderson's books, including the award-winning "The Food of Lewis and Clark: Recipes for an Expedition."


www.GardenSites.Biz    Hand checked garden website directory

The Gothic Arch Greenhouses has been serving the horticultural industry since 1946.

The Garlic Seed Foundation www.garlicseedfoundation.com , publisher of The Garlic Press

www.is-wine.com are innovative wine merchants.

You may want to check out http://nevertrustanyonewhodoesntlikegarlic.com/
http://www.kingsgourmet.com/ is a manufacturer of garlic, shallots, pestos and spice blends.

The Garlic Information Centre (U.K)
A site dedicated to the medicinal benefits of garlic

http://www.garlicpage.com/ - lots of tidbits about garlic

http://www.gourmetgarlicgardens.com/ - Bob Anderson has a fine collection of varieties

The Mustard Store in Whippany, NJ offers some excellent mustards.

http://www.italiangrocer.com/ - garlic IS Italian food

A website for the Rose de Lautrec variety (in French)


Herbal Diary 

http://www.organic-gardening-shop.com/Agorganics - Organic Gardening and living products.

http://www.designerflowers.org.uk -Online Florist in the UK


http://www.tbonz.co.nz/ The Best of New Zealand, an online magazine.