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As promised, my garlic arrived today and I look forward to trying my hand at growing some bodacious bulbs. Thanks so much for your rapid response to my previous inquiry. Internet shopping and service is still only as good as the people standing behind it, and you certainly have measured up on that count.
John Barrett
This is my fourth or fifth ordering from you folks...and I love it! I tell as many people as will listen how to get garlic from you.
Jerry "Señor Ajo" Emory
I ordered the hardneck & softneck mixed bag last fall from you...the plants are doing great...
Tim Dengler
I am a grower from Iowa who bought a bunch of garlic last spring...and I was very pleased with your stock, expecially with the Inchelium Red...you have an excellent product.
Mahela Mangrich
I just got my order from you today for three types of seed garlic and I can't quite get over how beautiful the bubls are. I am taking them to work tomorrow to convince some gardening friends to try you out - they won't have much choice once they see my seed garlic!
Nancy Boutet
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received in shopping with the Garlic Store. My order arrived in plenty of time for the holidays. It came beutifully and thoughtfully gift wrapped. I am very pleased and extremely impressed with my shopping experience. The gift I purchased was for my mom, a definite garlic lover. I know she'll love it!
Dave Zeisler
This is my first purchase on the net and I am delighted!! Finally I feel that I have received professional service. thank you for knowing enough to care.
Liz Demeter
I grow, cook with and eat garlic raw. I even put it in my nonfat frozen yogurt milk shakes. I eat at least one head of garlic every day. This does not include garlic I cook with and the pickled garlic I eat. I smell like garlic, I look like garlic and I feel good....
John D. Crawford
I just wanted to tell you what a great company you have...I was very, very pleased with everything I ordered and thank you very much for the bonus items...I will definitely order from your company again...
Suzanne Knight
Even if you've never thought yourself interested in garlic, this clean and clever virtual vegetable stand still fascinates.
Diana Murphy Coles, Cyberchat, The Coloradoan
I ordered some garlic from you a couple of weeks ago...it arrived fast, it was simply and beautifully packaged and the product was beautiful. I would like to pass on some SERIOUS congratulations for such a beautiful product..
Amy LeBlanc
This site stinks...it is almost frightening how many garlic-related products are out there, the TheGarlicStore.com seems to have them all: garlic spices, garlic mustard, garlic sauces, garlic jelly...and that's just the Fine Foods section...you'll also find garlic mouse pads and garlic wallpaper. We kid you not...
Internet Shopper, Jan/Feb 1998
I love your store...
Harvey Lindsey
TheGarlicStore.com is inventoried to the hilt. It features many varieties of fresh garlic plus garlicky spices, pasta sauces, pickled garlic, vinegars and oils, mustards, salsas, pestos and seed garlic for those who would like to try their hand at growing the vegetable...but...Garlic, says Walt Lyons, is not a vegetable, it's a cult.
Greeley Tribune/Business & Agriculture
An E-commerce success story: TheGarlicStore.com
ecommercetimes.com/special reports
I got my order the end of last week and you should label your products Certified Orgasmically Grown instead of Certified Organically Grown.
Fil Nutter, Jr.
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site! Especially the growing garlic part...now is the perfect time to plant in my area, and I never knew this before. I always planted my garlic in the spring and, well, needless to say it wasn't that great so I gave up on it. But I use so much of the stuff I would like to grow my own. I had this really awesome garlic I bought at the grocery in bulk, it was purple skinned, which I never saw before(I don't live in a cave,however) and it was great! Very hot! Anyway, I only have a head of it left and was saving it for a special dish because I didn't know if I would run across it again. I will plant it and see what happens. I also saw some elephant garlic up there too so I want to try that. I use garlic for my allergies. I eat a lot of it raw and make ear drops out of it. It works and it's natural. I use a head(one with about 15-20 large cloves) and cut these up and pour just enough olive or sesame oil over to cover, and let this steep overnight. Then I strain and bottle, and warm it up before I use it in my ear, it really kills the pain,with me, anyway. I also refrigerate it between uses as it can go bad.
Rose Distephano