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Hardneck garlic flowers (scapes) produce clusters of miniature "bulbs", which while not true seed, serve essentially the same purpose. A bulbil planted in the fall (spring) will produce tasty garlic shoots in the spring (early summer). If the plants are left to grow through the first season, they will produce small bulbs,with small cloves, or even single cloves called "rounds". Harvest them when the plants are largley, but not entirely, brown. These in turn can be replanted, and will produce regular bulbs in year two. See How to Grow Garlic for planting details. A economical way to do hardnecks! Also, you can now order baby green garlic, greenhouse grown from bulbils, and available all year long.

Code: A = available/shipping now; AO = accepting advance orders; SO = sold out/not available BB! indicates BEST BUY-an exceptional harvest this year. Most garlic varieties will grow almost anywhere, but we have indicated those with special qualities: C = likes cold weather; W = likes warmer weather. Also see hardnecks, elephants, softnecks, braids

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