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2018 Garlic Listing



Please see our homepage for current listings. The best place to see availability is under the actual category pages. All orders will begin shipping in the 1st or 2nd week of September of 2018 in a 1st come, 1st serve basis, starting with June 2018 orders and working our way through to current day.

We appreciate your business and if you have a question  reach us via email at thechiefclove@thegarlicstore.com
 or call 1-800-854-7219


***1 QTY=1/2 lb*** (unless otherwise specified)

1qty of Softnecks yields approximately  20-30 plants/cloves

1qty of Hardnecks yields approximately 15-20plants/cloves

We have bulk pounds in some softneck and hardneck. Call 1-800-854-7219 for information.

All garlic is grown in the United States, for detailed information, see product description. We will keep you informed of the availability status on this page by using the following codes:

Code:  BB=best buy, exceptional harvest/bulb N/A = Not Available LQ =Limited Quantity SO = Sold Out TBD = May be listed at a later time


UPDATED 6/4/2018

Sampler 4, 6 and 8-Packs of Hardnecks and Softnecks  


Big Elephant Cloves  BB 
Baby Elephant Bulb 
      Large Elephant Garlic Bulb 
         Jumbo Elephant Garlic Bulb


Artichoke Varieties
Blanco Piacenza BB
Bianca Spagnola LQ
California Early
Chet's Italian NA
Corsican Rd NA
Inchelium Red BB 
Polish White  NA  
Red Toch
Silver Rose
Susanville LQ

Silverskin Varieties
Nootka Rose TBD
Garlic Braids

Other Varieties
Texas Rose LQ


Mixed Hardnecks



Go to SEED GARLIC for ordering. .

Also, see How to Grow Your Own Garlic

Cover Crops 
Clover N/A

Purple Striped Varieties
Belarus LQ
Bogatyr LQ
 Brown Rose LQ
 Chesnok Red
Deerfield Purple LQ
Kraqndasger Red LQ 
Persian Star
Siberian LQ
Turkish Red NA 


Porcelain Varieties
German White  

German White Naturally grown NA
Georgian Fire BB
Georgia Crystal 
Leah 99 NA
Leningrad BB

Romanian Red
Russian Giant 

Polish Hardneck LQ

Rocambole Varieties     
German Red

Kilarney Red
  Montana Giant BB
Russian Red
Spanish Roja 
Amish Rocambole 

Asiatics,Turbans,Creoles and Other Varieties
Ajo Rojo
Asian Tempest
Basque LQ
China Dawn NA
Cuban Purple

Keeper NA
Korean Red LQ
Korean Red non-certified organic NA
Labrea Purple
Morado Gigante NA
Pyong Vang Korean NA  
Red Janice LQ
Rose Du Lautrec
Shantung Purple LQ
Sonoran LQ
Spanish Benitee
Thai Fire LQ
Thai Purple LQ
 Tuscan LQ 
Xian LQ

Actual availability subject to change on short notice